3 ways to sell 

#1 - Respond to customer requests 

Check out our list of customer requests and text pics and prices of anything you have to sell. We will text them to the interested customers and add them to our catalog and notify them. If anyone is interested we will contact you to bring the item in and leave it until we get the customer in. We have secure cabinets, etc. If the customer buys the item, we make the sale and we take care of sales taxes and credit card fees. 

Cost? On most items we charge a 25% commission. (commissions are lowered for items priced over $500.00) 

See inclusion and privacy disclaimer below*

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

#2 - Introduce new items

Send us pics and prices of items not on the list and we may or may not post them in our catalog. If we do it's by category or randomly. We may also post some on social media if they are interesting, etc. Texts must include your name. Keep in kind our theme is antiques and collectibles.

We try and talk with every customer in the store to see if they are looking for anything specific so we can constantly grow the customer request list. We also encourage everyone to check out the website and we distribute brochures with all that information.

Having pics in store or on the site already of the item a customer requests boosts sales as we can start the sale process immediately!

The 25% commission above applies.

See inclusion and privacy disclaimer below*

#3 - Become a Vendor 

Rent physical or virtual space in our markets and enjoy a low, 10% commission on everything you sell!

Virtual Retail Space

$9.95 per month and we will create a "Booth" in our online catalog. Your products will all be grouped under a custom tab as well as in the general catalog categories that apply. 

As a vendor, you can also direct your personal customers to our site and they can simply contact you and bypass us. After all, its your customer. We make money on the sales we generate from our customers and that's all.

Physical, In Store Retail Space 

We have in store space starting at $25.00 month. Price varies by size and location in the store. Stop by today or contact us for more information. 

*Inclusion and privacy disclaimer

Sending us pics indicates your approval for us to use print, post and promote those pics in any way we choose.  

Keep in mind our theme is antiques and collectibles so not all pics will be accepted. Also, pics cannot contain any contact info or inappropriate subject matter or they will be rejected.