Customer Requests

Below is a list of items our customers have requested. If you have anything on this list that you would like to sell then please text us pics and prices and we will forward them to the customer. 

If our customer is interested we will contact you to bring the item in and leave it with us. We will get the customer in and complete the sale including sales tax and credit card fees.

We charge a 25% commission on these sales. 

Questions? Text or give us a call. 970-880-5328

Customer Requests - Updated 10-9-22


Comic books 60s 70s 80s, Vinyl

Schlitz beer stuff, Scary/Creepy Clowns, Swatch watch stuff

clowns, circus posters, stuff. Vintage Halloween stuff, Valentine postcards, Apothecary Cabinet, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Eyeballs, Knobs, Super Tacky Jewelry

Coleman Gold bond Lantern

Sports Pennants

Old vinyl

Chicken salt and pepper shakers

Hot wheels for Dad, Action Figures in box

Sports Stuff

Super Hero stuff 60s,70s/70s Football, 70s Mego action figures, Elec football

Belt buckles Army, no marines/Watch Fobs

1st Hell boy comic/Tremors, starship troopers’ stuff, behind the scenes movie stuff

Melamine Pitchers and creamers (Montessori pouring and tweezing)

Small 1950s desk

D & D Games/pieces, vintage role paly games, Dragon Zord Power rangers, Ordz Wooley Mammoth

Air cooled VW stuff

Cameras and Lenses

Musical Instruments no electric

Pipes and pipe stands

Cast Iron skillets, pre 60s, no markings

Action figures in or out of box, He-man and anything 80s

WW2 uniforms, Wheat Pennies, Indian head pennies, buffalo head nickels,

Hot wheels, matchbox, johnny lightning cars, gold hot one, ultrashots, Siku, Mattel fast & furious white mustang


Betty Boop stuff, anything Koala

Guitar hero guitar, drums, stuff

Steelers stuff

Silver stuff

Cassette Organizer approx. 50

Midcentury furniture, end tables/anything

old door knobs complete

Old electric fans, working

wade figurines (they came in rose tea)

Uranium glass, depression glass

WW2 antiques, uniforms & German stuff

Clip on and screw on vintage earrings

Military diving equip., Mark 5 diving helmet, anything military

Uranium Glass jewelry, Sterling rings with prong setting

Grey rock collection - chipmunks

Irish & English setter figurines, pics, etc.

Skulls, real, animal

Beer Bar Signs

Bird houses

Avalanche stuff, Tin beer signs

Uranium Glass of any kind

Grillo’s airplane model kits unassembled

Buffalo/Bear rug, Native Amer. stuff: peace pipes, pottery, jewelry, turquoise

M & M candy dispensers, Bullwinkle Comic Books



Mi Lady coffee tins, Vinyl: Stevie Nicks, Frank Sinatra

Small end tables

Bing & Gandahl Christmas plates, Snow babies

Vintage Chair (time sensitive)

70s to 80s vintage toys

Chinese Antiques, specialty porcelain, older the better

Plastic promo cars from dealers, etc. Car kits

Vinyl comics, star wars, Lego sets complete.

silver and gold jewelry - dealers in co springs


Shot Glasses

Old Hatchets, Knives, Tools

Cast Iron Skillets, Wagner & Griswald, Etc.

Animal or other Cookie Jars

Western States, Western Boulder Fixed Blade Knives

WWE Figures and memorabilia

Fire Dept Stuff, Call Box (Gamewell)

Dollhouse Furniture

Fairy Lamps and parts